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Coupons + Tips

7 Meals you can make with Canned Food

7 Meals you can make with Canned Food

Put all those random canned foods to use with these recipes 1. Chicken Pot Pie Cupcakes I found this recipe a while back and absolutely fell in love with how simple it was. Everything gets mixed up...

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Coupon Basics

  • Find a reliable source that will provide you with the best money saving deals and offers for the products you use and want. Congratulations, since you are here you have already found such a source!

  • Subscribe to multiple Sunday papers! Sunday papers often contain coupon inserts with great saving offers. If you find that a particular paper offers really great deals and or has specific coupons you use on a regular basis, then order an additional copy to double your coupon bundle. However only do this if the cost of the 2nd paper does not cost more than the savings you can obtain.

  • Always join the loyalty program that stores offer because it’s free and then you will receive personalized discounts and coupons for the specific products you buy. Some stores even offer dollar amounts off your next total purchase just for shopping with them and joining the loyalty program.

  • Find out what the coupon polices are for the stores you frequently shop. Some stores only allow one coupon per order while others allow you to use multiple coupons even for on-sale merchandise! It pay’s to know what you are allowed to use and how to save the most amount.

  • Always be aware of the expiration dates of your coupons as well as the exclusions and limitations. Most coupons contain an expiration date, so make sure you use them before the promotion ends. Often times there are limitations outlined for the use of coupon, such as how many products you can buy or how many offers you can redeem with on purchase.

  • Be willing to shop at multiple stores to really save the most! For example your local grocery store might be having a sale on diapers, while the convince store down the street is having a sale on shampoo!

  • Stock up when a good sale is happening to hold you over until the next great sale occurs!

  • Follow your favorite brands on Facebook because they will often post offers and specific coupons for those come to their page.

Coupon Lingo

  • Q – Coupon
  • BOGO/B2G1 – Buy one get one free/Buy 2 get 1 free.
  • CAT/Catalina – Coupons that are printed from the coupon machine at the register in stores.
  • Overage – The amount of a coupon that exceeds the price of the product. The amount can be used towards other items. (This being allowed varies from store to store, some stores will adjust the coupon down so the item is still free but you do not get overage).
  • Extra Care Bucks(ECBs) – CVS dollars that you earn from buying products that give ECBs back that can only be used at CVS.
  • Register Rewards(RR) – Walgreens Dollars that you can earn from buying products that give RR back that can be used at Walgreens(the commissary does accept these as well).
  • Up+ Rewards – Rite Aid dollars that you can earn from buying products that give them back that are used at Rite Aid
  • Single Check Rebate (SCR) – Rite Aid’s Rebate program.
  • Video Value Coupons – Coupons that you get from watching short Videos here that can be used at Rite Aid.
  • Rebates – Another great way to save money. Buying products the qualify for rebates and then mailing them in to get money back.
  • MM – Money Maker – after using a coupon you spend less then you get back -example- Buy a shampoo for $5 at CVS, that is advertising get $5 ecb back. You have a $2 off coupon. You buy the shampoo and use your coupon and pay $3 and then you get $5 ECB back. This would be a $2 Money Maker. You can find deals like this at many stores, Rite Aid, Walgreens and CVS are a few.
  • FAR – Free after rebate.
  • TMF – Try me Free rebates.
  • Peelies – Coupons that are like stickers that are attached to products.
  • Tearpad – Coupons and/or rebate form that are found on pads in stores, found in grocery departments and in places like convenient stores on their cooler cases.
  • OOP – out of pocket-how much your out of pocket cost will be.
  • GC – Gift card.
  • AC – After coupon.
  • BC – Before coupon.
  • Blinkies – the coupons that are spit out of the little machines on shelves.
  • Red Plum (RP) – type of insert from news paper.
  • Smart Source (SS) – type of insert from news paper.


Here are some guidelines to help you organize your coupons! Keep in mind there are LOTS of ways to organize your coupons. It’s most important to find the system that will work best for you.

First of all you need to decide: Do I want to only clip the coupons I plan to use, do I want to clip out all coupons I find to have options, or do I want to keep the entire page a coupon if found on and then clip it on an “as needed” basis?
After deciding what coupons you wish to save, comes the method of how you plan to keep organized!


  • Develop a filing system. One commonly used method by couponers is to organize their coupons by grocery category- meats, dairy, frozen foods, kitchen staples, etc. Another commonly used method is to categorize by large sections such as cosmetics, food, clothes, etc. and then alphabetize. There are plenty of methods, find the one that works best for you.
  • Have a place to hold your coupons. Use a storage container, a coupon binder, a recipe box, a shoebox even because it really doesn’t matter what you choose as long as you keep all your coupons in the same place.
  • Always file coupons as soon as you can. It’s best to file them the same day but we know that’s not always possible. Make sure to make the time to file your coupons as part of your daily or weekly schedule. Filing coupons sooner will prevent them from getting lost or having a huge pile to sort through on a later date.
  • Use them regularly. Expired coupons won’t save you money, so make sure to use them.
  • Throw away old one- Make time to go through your coupons and dispose of the ones that have expired. This is a very important step to keeping organized!
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